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So it’s been a long time since my last post – at least here no Basecamp Review. As I stated many months ago, I’ve been hard at work at building a larger site. It’s gone well – I haven’t spent too much time on design/functionality for now however, mostly spending time on content. We’ve got tons of new articles on the new site. I thought I would reopen this blog because of the influx of traffic I receive from wordpress.

So, if you’re looking for information on online project management software, be sure to check out my new site,


Tips for Increasing Productivity

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GTD Agenda isn’t the fanciest tool in the online project management space. In fact, it’s more for personal to-dos then managing projects per-se. But, I really enjoy their newsletter and thought I would share the following 3 amazing time-saving GETTING THINGS DONE tips.

If you’re like me you have a lot of shit to do, for work, for school perhaps, for friends and lovers, how do you get it all done. Try the following:

1) Expand your commitments
Make sure to fill your life with higher quality ways to invest your time. This places many commitments on you, so you are forced to get rid of the busy-work. Make sure you have activities lined up that either (1) generate income or (2) directly relate to reaching a goal.

2) If you can’t measure it, don’t do it
80% of the results come from 20% off the effort and time. You need to find what’s the 20% of your work that brings 80% of your results, and do more of THAT. The rest can be largely ignored. Spend your time relaxing rather than tackling the 80% that does not produce much.

3) Streamline the busy-work that you cannot eliminate or delegate
Set up online banking and pay all of your bills at once. It only takes a few minutes, and you can get back to doing what is important. When you have to run errands, do them all at once to save time (and gas).

“Invest your energy where it will make a difference, don’t invest
your energy where it won’t have the wisdom to know the difference”
– Tony Schwartz

Basecamp Backup Done Right – Now With More Video (and Less Cost)

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I recently reviewed the ass-kicking (not sure if that’s how I phrased it way back then — ahem… it was a week ago) basecamp backup toolCentripetal, but I wanted to write a brief update because some things have changed.

First of all, they’ve overhauled their website! Yippeee! As a developer and Internet marketer I love seeing companies take the initiative, because, particularly when you have a product to sell (online product) your visuals, text placement, and copy have a tremendous impact on your visitors’ perceptions of you and what they ultimiately do… like sign up for basecamp backup software.

That’s what Centripetal wants.

And their new website overhaul certainly drives that point home. With just a few tweaks it looks more professional, communicates what the software does more easily AND it now comes with an extra side of sweet video:

Centripetal Basecamp Backup Software

(Sorry you can’t actually view the video here, for that you’ll have to jump to the website. Props to Venture Visuals for starring in and producing the video.)

New Lower Pricing

The real reason I’m writing this post however, isn’t the well produced video, it’s the new pricing on Centripetal. I’m excited to say, after a short email conversation with the creator, Mike Davis has dropped the pricing. The new pricing is as follows:

  • Small – $10
  • Medium – $25
  • Large – $40
  • Jumbo (ALWAYS reminds me of shrimp) – $55

For more details on pricing and plans, check out the centripetal plans/pricing page.

How to Import Tasks from Outlook to GTD Agenda

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Just got word that GTD Agenda has released the ability to import tasks from Outlook, into its program. Here are some instructions:

In case you’d like to move your Outlook tasks into Gtdagenda  and organize them by contexts and projects, and access them from everywhere, we’ve just built a great feature for that:

Importing your Outlook Tasks into Gtdagenda.

Export from Outlook

1. Open your Tasks list in Microsoft Outlook
2. Go to File > Import and Export menu
3. Choose the ‘Export to a file’ option
4. Select ‘CSV (Windows)’ from the export options
5. Save the file to your computer

Import into Gtdagenda

1. Click on the link called ‘Extra’ at the top of your Gtdagenda account.
2. Select ‘Import’ from the list.
3. Click ‘Browse’ and locate the previously downloaded file on your computer.
4. Click ‘Upload’, and confirm that the list of Tasks looks correct.
5. Click ‘Import’.

Basecamp Mobile

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How would you like to have:

  • Basecamp on your iPhone
  • Basecamp on your Blackberry
  • Basecamp for Windows Mobile (even Windows Phone 7 Series)
  • Basecamp for PALM PRE!!!
  • What?! Even palm pre?

Yes…. any device. That’s right, any web capable device.

I was invited to the private alpha launch of Kompass and got to experiment with it a bit today on my Palm Pre (through Sprint). It is VERY nice, easy to use. A full review is coming soon, but I wanted to write a quick post illustrating the fact that this is a completely mobile version of Basecamp, not a device specific app (as many other developers have chosen to do). Meaning, it will work across all devices.

This is the solution we’ve been needing.

It looks very promising… review COMING SOON.

Basecamp for Blackberry, Iphone, Windows Mobile & Android

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Yup, just got word that Kompass, has launched it’s exclusive private testing program. The software is currently in ALPHA test mode, meaning (probably) lots of bugs and other issues to work out. It is good to hear that the software is progressing and very shortly, you’ll be able to access your Basecamp online project management software shortly.

Kompass looks very promising and I particularly like that the tour on their website presents all of the screenshots WITHIN the phone, giving you an idea of exactly how the application will look and operate once inside a blackberry, iphone, windows mobile or Android device.

Backup Basecamp Centripetal Software

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So you’re looking to backup basecamp huh?

Why is that? Maybe you’re just concerned for your data’s safety, wanting a more physical backup, not completely trusting Basecamp’s SAAS data in the cloud model. Or maybe you’re thinking about transitioning to another project management service and need a copy of your data that can be easily transfered.

Regardless of WHAT your reasons are for needing to backup your basecamp data, Centripetal Software offers a fantastic online solution to a conventional, offline problem.

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